CREDA is a repository for information on natural nootropics. It is designed to be an easily-accessible resource for people who want to learn about the science behind natural nootropics and cognitive enhancement more generally.

“Nootropics” are substances which enhance brain function. More specifically, a nootropic is any substance which improves one of more aspects of cognitive function. Common ‘targets’ for nootropics are focus, concentration, working memory, information processing, verbal fluency, and stress resilience.

Nootropics have obviously been a part of our lives for a very long time. Lots of substances that are ubiquitous in human society can be accurately called nootropics: caffeine, nicotine, theanine, and panax ginseng are all nootropics, and they have all been consumed for their nootropic effects for a very long time.

However, the concept of highly-specified, potent nooropic stacks created out of multiple herbal extracts is a new concept; one that is quickly suffusing itself into the fabric of our society.

As pre-made, high-spec nootropic supplements become more commonplace, the amount of misinformation out there about them grows ever larger!

That’s why we created CREDA – to give people a source of honest, impartial, and scientifically-valid information on the most popular nootropic supplements.

Start learning about nootropics today!

Here are some of our pages on natural brain supplements:

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